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Our Customers

HBL provides battery and engineering solutions and services to many of the world’s leading system integrators, EPC’s, railway, aviation and defense companies. We also enjoy long term relationships with Government customers in India including the Indian Airforce, Indian Navy and MOD labs. HBL has enjoyed a long term strategic relationship with Indian Railways where we have gained certification to deploy safety critical systems.

In HBL’s battery division we enjoy solid relationships with our customers built on the quality and value of our specialist batteries and electronics. HBL has also developed sophisticated railway signaling solutions over the long development cycle in partnership with Indian Railways. Increasingly customers expect HBL to work alongside them in the design, development and whole life cycle of the solutions.

HBL takes pride in serving our customers in over 80+ countries with products and services tailored to meet their demanding needs. HBL utilizes the depth of our engineering capabilities to provide the most resilient, compliant products expected by customers to run their business efficiently – and we do this while meeting the confidentiality and security needs of our partners and end users.

We are committed to evolve and serve our customers by providing innovative solutions to satisfy the changing and demanding needs. We have regional support offices in the EU and USA to ensure we can support our customers on a timely basis and that we can fully understand their technical and business environment.