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HBL believes that it is our corporate and social responsibility to protect the environment. As a socially responsible and environmentally aware company, HBL places special emphasis on our environmental control measures. We constantly strive to develop and manufacture batteries that are more environmentally friendly – including Lithium Ion technologies. HBL ensures our manufacturing plants comply with all local and national laws. We follow well defined pollution control protocols including effluent treatment measures at all of our facilities. HBL is able to recycle all of the products we manufacture – we recycle end of life batteries, and utilize the reclaimed metals in new battery production to support the circular economy. In-tune with this policy, HBL encourages the return of end of life batteries to our facilities. HBL ensures that our staff are trained to safely follow waste disposal procedures, especially in handling hazardous waste.

HBL has followed a circular economy approach, which helps us in following sustainable practices across manufacturing processes. Optimal utilization of energy sources, reduction in emission of greenhouse gas and adherence to best practices are some of the initiatives which are followed in letter and spirit. We have obtained many environmental certifications for our various product lines across and numerous battery plants - confirming our commitment to environment.

HBL has developed our “HBL Environmental and Social Responsibility Code of Conduct” to ensure everyone is aware of the company goals and expectations. HBL also expects our suppliers to adhere to this Environmental and Social Responsibility Code of Conduct. Our code requires suppliers to adopt sound environmental, health and safety, and human resource management practices fundamental to the rights of human beings at work. HBL has programs in place to monitor our suppliers' conformance with our Code of Conduct.