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Apart from the audited data, which is published along with the relevant audit report, rest are provisional.

Any other financial data or any other statement, past or forward looking or estimate given in this website are based on the source ( where such source is disclosed ) or based on best interpretation made by the management, which may not be accurate or may change from time to time, not necessarily updated in the web site. Warranty, guarantee or any other averment have a context and full texts of conditions attached to it, which may or may not be reflected in the website.

HBL Power Systems Limited ( HBL) is not responsible for any assumption made by any visitor of the website based on any information or data in this website, and consequently will not be responsible for any loss suffered by anyone, by solely relying on the content of this website, in any manner, whatsoever. Anything in this website does not constitute a contract between the visitor of the website and HBL , whether implied or expressed.

This website is for general dissemination of information about HBL and has no other intention, expressed or implied.

Any data which are provided from a web link ( for example stock exchanges ) are owned by the respective website and are only provided to the extent of the data available in the public domain of such web site.

HBL does not take any responsibility of accuracy or inaccuracy of any data, which has originated in a website, outside of HBL's own website, and also not for its own provisional data or information. The only financial data that can be relied upon is HBL's Audited Financial Statement read along with the full text of its auditors' report.