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Train Management System

Train Management System

HBL Rail’s Train Management System (TMS) is a highly cost effective solution providing integrated real-time Traffic Management System for efficient monitoring and control of train movement. HBL’s TMS enables the Rail operator’s objectives to improve Train Service Availability, improve Reliability of the Train Operations, reduce the transit time, make the train movement predictable, improve the Line Capacity. HBL’s TMS gets information from the station interlocking system on a real time basis. TMS also gets the train/rake identification details from the originating point of the TMS zone/territory.

This information is processed and used to monitor movement of trains and facilitates timely decision making for the Operating Personnel in regulating train movement, diversion of trains, induction of trains, withdrawal of trains and planning reversal of trains in the TMS zone/territory. Apart from aiding the dispatchers and controllers HBL’s TMS can be fully integrated with the Passenger Information Systems to provide timely information of trains to the passengers through Display boards, Announcement Systems.

HBL’s TMS comprises:

  • Train Describer System.
  • Log and Alarm Module.
  • Passenger Information System.
  • Time Table Builder.
  • Decision Support Systems.
  • Training and Simulation Modules.

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