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HBL, a leading manufacturer of specialized batteries introduces “Megacell” Battery. The Megacell has been designed and developed based on HBL's experience with building Large Lead acid batteries for submarine applications. This technology meets the demands and requirements of High Performance and energy. Megacell offered by HBL meet International quality standards and the design is proven after rigorous laboratory and field simulation tests. These cells are the ideal choice for Large Energy storage applications

Superior Features

  • Low gassing rate due to low antimony alloy
  • Low self discharge rate
  • ABS Container with electrolyte level indicator
  • High-Pressure die cast tubular positive plate for long life
  • Large electrolyte reserve for extended water topping up intervals
  • Deep discharge capability
  • Excellent cycle life for regular charge/discharge operations
  • Insulated terminals and connectors for safety operation
  • Air agitation system to avoid stratification of electrolyte
  • Cooling system can be provided as optimal feature for very high current applications

Product Range

  • 4V – 2500Ah and 2V – 5000Ah


  • Batteries for Large Inverters and UPS
  • Energy Storage in SPV and Wind Mill Systems
  • Energy Storage in Load Leveling Systems
  • Backup power for Hybrid Telecom Sites
  • Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements

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