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OPzS Batteries

OPzS Series

HBL, a leading manufacturer of specialized batteries introduces DIN Standard ‘OPzS’ batteries developed through in-house research and development. OPzS technology offered by HBL meets the international quality standards and is proven by rigorous laboratory and field tests and is the ideal choice for application in Telecommunication, Power generation and UPS. This product has been manufactured under the controls established by quality/environment management system.

Superior Features

  • High pressure die cast tubular positive plates for long life
  • Deep discharge capability
  • Excellent cycle life for regular charge / discharge operations
  • Transparent container with electrolyte minimum-maximum level markings
  • Large electrolyte reserve for extended water topping up intervals
  • Low gassing and minimum maintenance due to low antimony alloy
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Insulated terminals and connectors for safety operation
  • OPzS batteries are tested and certified as per IEC 60896-11

Product Range

  • 2 OPzS 100 to 12 OPzS 1200


  • Telecommunications
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Signaling, Control & Regulating systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Data Processing Systems
  • Wind & Solar Energies
  • UPS

Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application.

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