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Battle Ready Batteries for Defence

Battle Ready Batteries for Defence

HBL’s Battle Ready batteries employ Pure Lead-Tin, Thin plate technology for high performance. These Valve Regulated Lead Acid, maintenance free batteries are designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators. The use of AGM separators in combination with self-resealing, pressure-regulating valves and a starved electrolyte design enables recombination of gasses generated during normal operation. This eliminates free acid and the need for electrolyte top-up. These batteries are tested for vibration & shocks. Battle Ready batteries are delivered fully charged and are ready for use.

Superior Features

  • Superior plate design using pure Lead Tin grids
  • High peak power capability guarantees starting under the most adverse condition
  • Resistant to high levels of shock and vibration
  • Flame retardant polypropylene container and lid ensures safety
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery characteristics
  • Reliable operation at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +50°C)
  • Maintenance free and spill proof, ideal choice for all tactical vehicles
  • Compatibility with on-board charger ensures quick recharge
  • Supplied in the filled, charged and ready to use condition
  • BR-100 (NSN # 6140-41-000-1992)
  • BR100 conforms to DIN VG 96924 Part 2 and 9 (100AH/5hr/9V/200C) & BAT 264 (120Ah /20 hr/10.5 V/200C)
  • BR-140
  • BR140 battery surpasses the Russian GOST Specification # TY16-529-357-78 (140Ah/20hr/10.5V/250C) with respect to all electrical performance parameters.
  • BR140 not only replaces the original Russian Flooded battery but also caters for more power, needed due to the up-gradation of the T-72, other Battle Tanks and Armored vehicles.

Product Range

  • BR100 & BR140


  • Battle Tanks and Armored Vehicles  

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